The Information listed below is the information received from ISR:


In the midst of the process of changing insurance companies, we decided that  in the best interest of the Kitty cat associations that they would run the way they had in the past with the general liability and personal accident insurance covered in the price of the event insurance.  The only negative deal now is it will no longer be advantages to piggyback on another associations insurance as you will have to play by the rules that every driver and crew member must have a license with USAC.  


Also please have your members use last year's ISR number anywhere you are asked for an ISR number.  We discontinued the ISR number for the rest of the affiliates to eliminate confusion between the USAC and ISR numbers.


If you have a new member that needs an ISR number please go to this link or have them call me at 920-335-2401 and I will issue it at this time .



An ISR bulletin came out yesterday (Thursday 11-6) pertaining to the insurance partnership with the USAC

For those of you that have tried to register in the last few weeks may have ran across some trouble doing so as I believe the ISR website has been under construction to reflect this change.

Some of you may have been directed to diffferent sites at different times of log ins as well, some may have been able to register.

For those of you that need to register, please hold of doing so until further notice. Fore those of you that have, you may have noticed it worked and also received your confirmation E-Mail stating so. 

As of this afternoon when you attempt to register it directs you to the USAC website where you create an account, membership details, select licences, waivers and checkout.

I have a call into ISR regarding this process and if the fees are applicable toward the youth racing groups.

Once I have information I will pass it on. So for now, hold of on registering your racer(s). 



Annual Memberships are due November 1st!! Please mail in your membership forms by this date to avoid the late fee. 

Any questions regarding the Annual Membership forms, please contact Farrah McPhee.

If you are a new member please visit the Documents tab at the top of the website to download the Membership Form, Membership Letter, and Code of Conduct.




ISR rules are now posted on the ISR website. Follow the link under the "Race Rules" tab to get the 2014-2015 rules.

Remember to register your racer with ISR for the 2014-2015 season. All racers will be required to have an ISR#. Go to the ISR website to get you racer registered. It's free and only takes a few minutes.


2014-2015 Schedule

The upcoming season schedule is listed!! Follow the "Schedule" tab for a printable version.

Hotel info coming soon! It will be updated as the information comes in.